3D Model Inspector


for your Inventor Models

Time saved. Secure standards. Certified model quality.


Individual Check Configurations

for Inventor-Parts (IPT), -Assemblies (IAM) and -Drawings (IDW/DWG).

Obvious Reliability

3D Model-Inspector is designed to verify the model and structure of Inventor-Parts (IPT), - Assemblies (IAM) and – Drawings (IDW/DWG).
The software recognizes and localizes all deviations to specified company CAD standards, that can be defined in individual Check Configurations (e.g. for different Model types, customers, departments or projects). The suitable Check Configuration can be selected and referenced at the beginning of each Model Check.
Errors, Warnings and Notes can be visualized in a Check-Dialog and -on demand- in a detailed Check Report. Thereby mismatches can be fixed easy and straight forward.
Since it can be used right from the start of 3D-Modeling, 3D Model-Inspector is the perfect assistant for error prevention and helps to reduce time and cost-intensive reworking.

Key Benefits


The 3D Model-Inspectors concept and the current scope of Check options has been defined and developed in close collaboration with experienced Inventor users.


Easy to use Check-Dialog, quick and comprehensive One-click Check.


Represents and ensures a digital version of your CAD policies


Approved and well commented Standard Check configurations, that can be used for your first "out of the box" Model-Checks.


Comprehensive Check of the current Inventor model with optional recursive Check for Assemblies and Drawings, including all Components and associated substructure.


Detailed and structured Check reports can be used as a check-list to fix the deviations.


Check results with optional links to CAD Guidelines.

Inspection stamp

Certified 3D-Models with indication of Check results in Custom iProperties.

Batch mode

Optional Program version for verifying complete Inventor-Projects and larger datasets in a batchmodus.


Appropriate Licensing model for each Company size.


Customer-oriented Product design (2 annual 3D Model-Inspector Updates) .


Optional Data Management-Extension with direct link to Autodesk Vault supports the Approval and

Multiple profit

  • Perfect support for Designers and Enginneers throughout the entire design process
  • Reliability and support especially for unexperienced Inventor-Newbies
  • Guaranty for consistent Standards when working in Construction teams
  • Enormous time-savings by avoidance of extensive, manual Model Checks
  • Prevention of expensive reworking by early recognition of inconsistencies and error sources
  • Comfortable Batch mode for checking the existing Inventor database
  • Secure and controlled Data exchange with Providers and Suppliers
  • Quality Management support by automatically generated Check Reports
  • Assistance in workflows for Approval and Release in EDM/PDM-Systems
  • Significant improvement of Data quality
  • Amortisation within a short time


Add-In Version Integrated Inventor AddIn designed for Inspection of current Inventor Models, including all Components and associated substructure.


Stand­alone Ver­sion Remote StandAlone-Version designed for verifying complete Inventor-Projects and larger datasets in Batch mode.


Direct Link to Autodesk Vault designed for Approval and Release of examined Inventor-Models – also enables automatic Model check via JobServer.


Inspection of Drawing resources, e.g. TitleBlocks, Text styles, Dimension styles.

Drawing Resources

Specification of Inspection scope by customizable and selectable Configuration files.

Inspection scope

Inspection of Model structure and work techniques, e.g. indetermined Sketches, inconsistent Constraints, Adaptivity, Degrees of freedom, unresolved References, overwritten Dimensions.

Structure & Techniques

Classification of Check results to define if a deviation is evaluated as Error, Warning or Note.


recursive/non-recursive Checks with optional evaluation of Standard parts and optional skip of examined components or library parts.

Check strategy

In­fo­dia­log ffor brief information about the Check results and additional detailed and structured Check reports.


Inspection of unfilled iProperties, adjustment of current iProperties with predefined default values, inspection of user-defined iProperties.



3D Model-Inspector Addin
Checking Models using the 3D Model-Inspector AddIn

Generating individual Check Configurations using 3D Model-Inspector's ConfigWizard
Download Basic App

Free trial Inventor AddIn with limited functionality for checking the current Inventor model, using a simple Check configuration including a handful of representative Check Options.

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Request trial version

30 day trial Inventor AddIn with full functionality for quick and comprehensive One-click Check using selectable Check Configurations for Parts, Assemblies and Drawings with optional check of all associated substructure.

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For detailed information about Installation and Configuration refer to the documents V2022.2_Readme.txt and 3DModel-Inspector_Installation Instruction_V2022.2.pdf in the folder Documentation_EN.


Datasheet with informations about Program specifications and current scope of Check options.

Download data sheet!

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